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October 2008

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NHS Meeting 9-17-08

We have t-shirts!
-They are $10 each.
-They are blue, have a picture of a bird on them and read, "We are something out of the ordinary. National Honor Society. Las Vegas Academy."
-It is not required that you buy a shirt, but they enable us to have an identity as a group when we volunteer, and a very small portion of you ten dollars goes to our club to use for future events.
-Sign up with your shirt size at the end of the meeting. -Money is due no later than next Wednesday, September 24th. Turn it in to Mrs. Nordstrom.

Blind Center of Nevada
-We will volunteer there Tuesday after school.
-At the Blind Center, the following tasks are needed of us: tutoring children, answering phones, shelving books in the library, doing light office work, and cleaning toys in the playroom. Unfortunately thy only need one to two people per day.
-Saturday, Oct. 25: rummage sale in the parking lot of the Blind Center; lots of volunteers are needed!
-Tuesday December 23rd: Christmas party, we'd work with refreshments and directly with children.
-Easter Egg Hunt: date to be announced
-Ladybug pins are for sale in April as April ladybug month. The pins are $5. We can sell pins AND make phone calls for contributions. The would be a GROUP EFFORT. Spark Program through the City of Las Vegas' Adaptive Recreation Division.
-The SPARK Program runs on Saturday mornings from 9-12pm during the school year.
-It is for children ages 3-8 with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities.
If we are interested, I will have the spokeswoman for this project come to our next meeting and discuss this amazing opportunity with us!
-I have two forms that need to be filled out by each person interested in working the SPARK Program.
-Dates already in place for volunteer work (all from 9am-12pm)
-Sign up at the end of this meeting and pick up a form if you are interested. Forms are due at the next meeting, when we will meet with Mrs. Allen. I need to call and reserve our places at the events above, so please check your calendars to see which days you can volunteer so that during the NEXT meeting, you can sign up. I'M NOT SURE OF THE EXACT LOCATION FOR THESE EVENTS. I'm working on getting that information for you.

Tutoring at LVA!
-Starting next week, we will tutor in Mrs. Nordstrom's room starting at 10:15 EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. Yes, you read that correctly. Each and every Tuesday and Thursday of the year.
-Of course, random exceptions will be made for days when we are testing or whatever. But plan on tutoring for personal hours every Tuesday and Thursday that you can make it.
-A calendar will be posted outside of Mrs. Nordstrom's room. If you are going to tutor, you need to sign up in ADVANCE. If you sign up, IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU COME.

Other things you should know:
Light the Night Walk: Saturday, October 18th at Town Square at 5pm
Relay for Life-no date set
Race For the Cure-no date set
Dimes for Babies-no date set

**I hate to be the bad guy and tell you this, but if you have required volunteer hours for another club or class or your major of whatever, you can't count those as personal service hours for National Honor Society. It was a big issue last year, and you just have to understand those are the rules and we have to abide by them. :( TRUST ME, our lives woul all be a lot easier if our required hours for other classes counted for this club, but they don't. SORRY!!!

What I need to know from each and every onen of you:
1. Are you involved in a club that we can get connected to? examples of these clubs include but are DEFINITELY not limited to: Environmental Awareness Club, Recycling Club, Habitat for Humanity, , etc. If you are, please email me (katrinketleshan@yahoo.com) and let me know what we can do to get involved with YOUR club. The more power for a cause, the better off the cause is!! As long as we're getting things accomplished, the name of the club isn't important. And if we decide to combine forces with another club as a GROUP, and you go as an NHS MEMBER, your hours will count for National Honor Society. (You can't count them for both clubs.)
2.Is there a specific day and/or walk that your heart is SET on participating in or things like Earth Day of Friendship Day? Tell an officer in the hallway, email Katrina, or post here on the livejournal.
3. Bring old cells phones to the next meeting for "Cell Phones For Soldiers."