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October 2008

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abyssmalwind in lva_nhs

Minutes for 9-24-08

NHS Minutes, 9-24-08
Items passed out:
-Look at community service events sheet for information on the Buddy Walk, Walk Now for Autism, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Light the Night Walk, Out of the Darkness Walk, and NAMI Walk.
-SPARK Presentation with Rebecca Allen
-collect old cell phones
-collect $10 t-shirt money
-talk about upcoming walks
-discuss how tutoring went
-SPARK Program Presentation-Rebecca Allen, adaptive recreation
-kids ages 3-8 with disabilities (down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, etc.)
-run during the school year on Saturdays from 9-12, volunteers arrive between 8:30-8:45, leave around 12:15-12:30 (for set-up and clean-up purposes)
-outdoor games, arts and crafts,
-designed to help social interaction for disabled, give opportunities for community service
-student volunteers will eventually help plan activities/take leadership roles
-1:2 ratio (volunteer: kid),
-Social play and respite for kids is the unabbreviated name
-gives parents the opportunity to have a break and gives the children a chance to meet new people
-floor open for questions:
-not every Saturday
-can come in whenever you can
-fill out waiver forms, sign up as participant to avoid obligations for drug testing, etc., put your e-mail on the waiver to receive a calendar to sign up for days to volunteer; turn in waivers when you come to the program
-location: Lorenzi Park, off of Washington between Rancho and Valley View
-designed for high school students to come in for volunteer hours
-donations?: can’t ask for donations, but can accept money if offered, NHS can hold a fundraiser for SPARKS, use bracelets for fundraisers? (Lissy’s idea)
-example of activities: coloring books, mingling/interacting, encouraging children to socialize, volunteers will plan activities/arts and crafts later in the program
-Collection of Old Cell Phones:
-none this week
-no deadline
-will take broken cell phones
-no hour credits for bringing in a cell phone
-T-Shirt Money
-due by this Friday
-send Katrina an email if there’s an issue preventing money to delay our order
-see paper
-Katrina will send an email of those she will attend, will count as group hours
-pick up a paper to prove you were there
-Blind Center Experience
-no one showed up
-spread the word!
-still get hours if no one shows up
-remember to sign up on calendar


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