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October 2008

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abyssmalwind in lva_nhs

Minutes 5-21-08

 National Honor Society Meeting Minutes
May 21st, 2008

Meeting called to order at 10:17 a.m.

-assemble folders, fill out contact information, sign in

-graduation ceremony
    June 12th, New Orleans Arena, need 10 volunteers, sign up on the sign-in sheet
    Be there at 11:15 am; pass out programs, 2 or 3 group hours available during this event

-objectives/goals for next year
    -give money to special Olympics: Rachael, Niesha,
    -animal shelter work: MaryGen , Amy
    -help clean up the campus: Elizabeth
    -Habitat for Humanity, environment work: Marissa, Rebecca
    -Big Brother/Sister Program: Lauren
    -Raise money for cancer victims for treatment: Matt
    -Make-a-wish foundation: Paige, Ashley (also Nevada homeless Youth)
    -Relay for life, walk with the heart of the child: Kelli
    -quilts for newborn babies (LDS): Brooke
    -Abuse victim help: Cammie
    -graffiti cleanup: ?
    -Ronald McDonald House: ?, Shararyah (wish-list),
    -cancer walks: ?, Alex, Jessica
    -canned food drive, art supplies for unfortunate schools: Mary
    -Create foundation for homeless: Judith, Josh
    -recycling, trash clean up, money for AIDS foundation: Joey
    -MS Walk, MS benefits: Shannon
    -Leprosy bandages: Shararyah
    -Springs Preserve, Environmental Club collaboration: Alyssa
    -Recycling system: Margot
    -lots of walks: Amanda
    -children’s hospital, Ronald McDonald: Brittany
    -Rape Crisis Center: Paul
    -Elderly care, senior center across the street: Sara, Brooke
    -Music therapy in hospitals (Nathan Adelson): Lissy
    -Building hosues: Joey
    -promote civil dis (obedience maybe?  It stopped there, sorry.)
    -FEMA Help?: Joey
    -Dada Café, selling flower seeds: Sarah
    -planting flowers/trees, building houses: Jamie C.
    -Older-Wiser Program (already established, meet with senior citizens):Dallas
    -luggage for kids in Child Haven: Jadyn
    -Blind Center volunteers, summer volunteering: Aaron
    -Work with kids, help underprivileged children, mentorship: Mary

    -June 7th, Stomp Out Loud event, benefits Habitat for Humanity, at Planet Hollywood casino
    -Group Hours-officer must be at event to earn group hours
    -make sure that white paper with information and folders are made

Meeting Adjourned: 10:47